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CMS 2567

CMS surveyors will send an organization a list of findings on a specific form, CMS 2567.  Any corrective action plans that an organization must pursue as a result of those findings must be written on the same form.  CMS sends the form in an un--editable PDF, but use this link to access an editable PDF from CMS - one in which you can type your action plan. (click on the icon)


The Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR)  has a newsletter, blog and listserv for emergency preparedness  called TRACIE - trechnical Resources Assistance Center and Information Exchanges,. This link will get you to their website to sign up.  (click on the icon)

Food Safety Training

  Both CMS and its accrediting organziations (TJC, CIHQ, DNV, HFAP, AAAHC to name a few) require that leaders over food handling areas have some competencies in food handling to be able to appropriately manage and lead the area.   The simplest way to comply is to have the leader take the basic "Safe Food Handler's" Certificate training.  Training is offered by a number of organizations, with a few noted below.  We do not receive any financial incentive to list these organizations.


Texas  Dept of State Health Services

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